Backyard Deer Deterrents: the dirt on keeping deer out of your garden without breaking the bank.

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What Deer Eat

The bacteria in a deer's gut change through the course of the year, so that the deer is physically incapable of digesting winter food in summer and vice versa. Winter food is typically the twigs and buds of woody plants. In the spring and summer, deer eat green growth (like your flowers and vegetables.)  In the fall, they change over to higher energy foods like nuts and corn.

Daffodils are deer resistant plants In areas with low deer pressure, flower gardeners are sometimes successful at deterring deer by growing plants the deer aren't fond of.  A sampling of "deer deterrent plants" includes Columbine, Bee Balm, Black-eyed Susan, Bleeding Heart, Purple Coneflower, Foxglove, Dianthus, Hellebore, Iris, Peony, Poppy, Daffodil, Yucca, and Yarrow.  Be aware, though, that a hungry deer will eat anything.

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