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Step 1: Assemble your supplies

Electronics The electrical components of your deer deterrent cost the most, so skinflints like us opt to scrounge as many as we can. Chances are, you may have some lying around your workshop. If you want to make several deer deterrents, you can often find parts pretty cheap on E-bay or at yard sales.

Black and Decker 6 V Alkaline Drill 1 battery operated drill. The Black and Decker 6 V Alkaline Drill that currently sells for $10.48 at Wal-Mart is all you'll need. Do you have an old drill in your barn with dead batteries? That'll work too and may save you from having to buy a potentiometer.
Universal transformer 1 transformer. If you can find a 3 volt DC transformer, it will work perfectly. Otherwise, you will need to buy a universal transformer (also known as a universal adapter.) You can find one at Wal-Mart for $14.88.
Variable resistor 1 variable resistor, 25 ohm. (Also known as a potentiometer.)  Expect to spend $2 to $4 at Radio Shack, along with an extra $1 if you want the pretty knob on top (sold separately.)
Extension cord
1 extension cordLength will depend on how far your deer deterrent is from an outlet.  If you don't have one lying around, you can often get a small extension cord for under $5.

Mounting and odds and ends

Fence post
1 post or tree.
Shelf bracket
1 shelf bracket. $1 at Lowes.
Drywall screw
8 drywall screws, 1" long.Pennies at your hardware store.
2 short pieces of wire.  A clotheshanger will do, or you can use 14 gauge wire.  You can almost certainly find a piece of wire for free.
Wire nut
1 small wire nut. (Also known as a twist-on wire connector.)  You can get a 16 pack at Radio Shack for $2.
Golf ball 1 golf ball.  Scrounge around a golf course and find one for free.  Or pay $9 for 15 at Wal-Mart.
Electrical tape
Electrical tape. Expect to pay less than a dollar for a roll.  You'll only use a fraction of the roll.
Cable ties
1 short length of chain or several 8" cable ties.  You can buy a package of 100 cable ties at Wal-Mart for about $1.
Metal flashing
2 small pieces of metal flashing.You can get a roll of flashing for $10 or less at Lowes. You only need a small piece, though, and can even cobble together what you need out of an old tin can and other household supplies.
Gorilla Glue
Gorilla glue or epoxy. You can get a bottle of gorilla glue for about $6. You'll use a small fraction of the bottle.

If you buy all of the above supplies new and make one deer deterrent, you'll spend about $65.  However, you shouldn't need to buy a lot of the items which you'll only use a small bit of, so we estimate your total cost, buying most things new, is closer to $30.  As we said earlier, if you can find a drill and transformer for free or cheap, your cost can drop to pennies.

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