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Step 5: Attach wire to the drill...

Step 6: Wire the transformer

The purpose of this step is to switch your drill from battery power (DC) to AC electricity.  Of course, you can skip this step, but you'd go through batteries like nobody's business and would have down time when your batteries ran out.  Next on our agenda is a solar option --- subscribe to our blog to be alerted when new incarnations of the deer deterrent go live.

For this step, you'll need your cheap drill, another drill if you have it, a knife, scissors, electrical tape, and a soldering iron (if you want to go that route.)

Remove the battery compartment.

First, remove the battery compartment from the cheap drill.

Drill two holes in the end of the battery compartment.

If you have a spare drill, drill two holes in the bottom of the battery compartment.  If you don't have a spare drill, use your knife (carefully!) to whittle these holes open.

Use a knife to pry the attachment points out.

Now pry the metal plates which the batteries are supposed to press against slightly away from the compartment wall.  The purpose is to give yourself some room to work.

Strip the transformer wires.

Cut off the end of your transformer wire.  The wire is actually made up of two wires --- pull them apart for a few inches.  Now strip the plastic covering off each of the wires for about an inch or two.

Thread the wires into the battery compartment.

Thread the stripped wires through the end of the battery compartment.

Knot the wires.

Tie the wires together at the inside bottom of the battery compartment.  This step just holds the wire in place so that if you accidentally tug on the transformer, you won't do any damage.

Twist the transformer wires onto the terminals.

Twist one wire around each of the metal plates at the top of the battery compartment.  If you have a soldering iron, you can solder these into place.

Tape the loose wires in place.

Using electrical tape, cover all of the stripped wire surfaces.  Keep the tape as minimal as possible or you won't be able to get the battery compartment back into the drill.

Switch the transformer to 3 volts.

If you're using a universal transformer, flick the switch on the back or bottom to 3 volts.  Then put the battery compartment back into the drill, plug in the transformer to an outlet, and push the button on the drill.  The drill bit and attached wire should turn.  If not, back up and check all of your wiring.

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