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Homemade Deer Deterrent

Our DIY deer deterrent combines motion and man-made noise to keep deer out of the garden.  Since we got our system up and running, our garden has been completely deer-free.  In addition, we've noticed that deer tracks now come no closer than about a tenth of a mile to our garden perimeter.

The video above shows a version of the deer deterrent that we made out of parts you can easily buy in the store.  The finished cost was about $30, but we made several other deterrents close to free by scrounging parts from flea markets.

Once they're up and running, each deer deterrent uses about 33 kilowatt-hours of energy per year when run 24 hours a day (highly recommended in high density deer areas!)  Using average American electricity costs of $0.0987 per kilowatt-hour, the operating cost for a deterrent is $3.24 per year.

You won't need many tools or much specialized knowledge to make your own deer deterrent.  Check out our homemade deer deterrent plans for step by step instructions.

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