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Hunting on your own property
Deer hunting Beyond our homemade deer deterrent, the only method I can whole-heartedly recommend to keep deer out of your garden is hunting.  Clearly, this won't work in the suburbs, but if you live on a farm, you should be able to hunt on your own property without a license.

In most states, it is still illegal to kill a deer out of season, so you can't just go out and shoot the deer which is nibbling on your summer crops.  You may be able to get special permission to kill the problem deer, but you'll have to get the local game warden to come out and survey the deer damage first.

You should also keep in mind that shooting the deer nibbling your green beans is a short term fix.  In areas with heavy deer pressure, other deer will quickly move into that deer's territory, and you may need to kill a deer a week to protect your garden.

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