Backyard Deer Deterrents: the dirt on keeping deer out of your garden without breaking the bank.

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Deer Deterrent Instructions

Our homemade deer deterrent works like a charm...if you use it properly.  There's a bit more to it than plugging it in and enjoying a deer-free garden, but not much more.

Location and Spacing
As we explain elsewhere, deer follow paths to their food sources.  Rather than trying to space our deterrents at even intervals around our perimeter, we've had great luck finding the deer paths and putting the deterrents there.  Of course, if the deterrents are too far apart (say more than 100 feet), deer will just make a new path into your garden, but otherwise this method works well.

Deer deterrent locations around a two acre garden.

The diagram above shows the location of our six deer deterrents (red dots) around our two acre garden (green area).  As you can see, even spacing was not our priority.  Most of the west side of our garden is protected by an extremely steep bank, so we left that area deterrent-free.  On the other hand, the wooded, south side of the garden is a deer paradise, so we needed several deterrents to wipe out each invasion.

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