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Deer damage on a sunflower Your best bet for a deer-free garden is to never let deer get a taste for your plants in the first place.  We recommend that you put in some extra time during the first couple of weeks to check your entire perimeter every day.  If you see so much as a single track or nibbled leaf, adjust your deer deterrents or add a new one to protect the spot where deer invaded. 

You might also choose to ramp up the speed of your deterrents (using the potentiometer) during the fall when deer are at their hungriest.  After a minor incursion during a power outage, we increased the speed of the key deterrent to ensure that no deer came back.

After you've got your system up and running well, monitoring is much less time-intensive.  We like to stop what we're doing at least once a day and listen, making sure that all of our deterrents are running.  Using these methods, we've gone through the entire 2009 growing season with barely a nibble, quite a change from 2008 when we had next to nothing left uneaten by early fall.

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