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As today is Friday the 13th, I found myself thinking aobut the roles deer have had in literature, mythology and Native American Astrology. Interestingly, the deer symbol is the Native American zodiac equivalent of Gemini (May 21- June 20). It is said that one of the attributes is that deer have a 'sixth sense' about how things should be, and instantaneously know when something is 'out of place.' This wariness on the part of deer is what make it more skittish around our Deer Deterrent ! As we learned in high school literature, Greek Mythology tells us that Actaeon fell to the fatal wrath of Artemis after he was turned into a Stag (large male deer)and then his own hounds struck and tore him apart in a frenzy. Needless to say, deer have countless roles in mythology and current day life.
The more we understand deer the more able we are to divert their browsing patterns away from our gardens and lawns.

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