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StinkMaster:Smelly sprinkler deer deterrent experiment

smelly sprinkler deterrent field notes update
clogged up sprinkler head close up with Nikon Cool Pix L22 red

We're still having trouble with what I think is a trio of two small deer and their mother attacking our garden at night.

The above contraption is what you get when you combine a submersible pump with a sprinkler and a timer and a large trash can filled with water and scented soap. The finished product is what I'm calling the StinkMaster smelly sprinkler experiment, and its purpose is to provide a means as to which an area just outside of the garden can be subjected to repeated sprayings of an unnatural scent.

It's too early to know how effective it might be, but the area it sprayed last night is rather stinky with the smell of Irish Spring.
hole in a can close up for the StinkMaster smelly sprinkler experiment for 2011
My first observation is that soapy water clogs sprinkler heads.

Maybe a liquid fabric softener or concentrated perfume would be a better choice that would stink enough without clogging the sprinkler mechanism? I even tried swapping out the clogged sprinkler with the above hand held shower sprayer. It managed to spray out most of the can last night, but I think the clogged holes put a strain on the pump.

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