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Trapping a deer?

how to trap a live deer with a clover trap

The above contraption is a Clover trap, named after the guy who dreamed it up.

It's basically a frame just big enough for a deer with heavy nylon meshing stretched on all three sides and the top. I would imagine some scrap chain link fence material might also do the job, but make it harder to move.
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One of the tricks is to bait the trap for several days without setting it. This way your deer get comfortable with walking all the way in. The trap gets triggered when the deer hit a stretch of fishing line that activates the door.

I know it's not very sportsman like, but it might be a good way to bring down exploding population numbers while at the same time providing several people with some good quality meat.

Image credit goes to the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta in Canada.

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