Backyard Deer Deterrents: the dirt on keeping deer out of your garden without breaking the bank.

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Other Deer Deterrents

Before we came up with our homemade deer deterrent, we tried out just about every other type of deterrent and repellent around.  I hope that the following pages will prevent you from wasting the same amount of time and money we did.

Sleeping dogScare tactics
We consider scare tactics to be the most effective method of deterring deer.  However, not all scare tactics are created equal....

Taste and scent
The majority of deer repellents are taste- or scent-based --- you spray something on your plants and the deer are supposed to steer clear....

Deer fencePhysical barriers
Physical barriers are extremely effective at keeping deer out of your garden, but are also extremely costly....

Beyond our homemade deer deterrent, the only method I can whole-heartedly recommend to keep deer out of your garden is hunting....

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