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Using pie pans to scare away deerThe oldest deer deterrent in the book is noise.  Historians suggest that American Indian children were often given the duty of protecting the crops from deer damage.  The kids hung out in the garden overnight and scared away any deer that approached.  If I had some kids who were willing to stay up all night every night, I might try this, but only if I didn't have to deal with their crankiness the next day.

More recently, gardeners have been known to tie aluminum pie pans and plastic grocery bags around their garden.  A breeze sets the pie pans and bags moving and the noise is supposed to scare away deer.  I've tried this method with no success.  It turns out that deer and wind don't usually visit the garden at the same time --- who would have guessed it?

Our homemade deer deterrentI've seen ultrasonic deer deterrents for sale, and for all I know these are effective.  However, the price tag is always phenomenal, so I steer clear.

All of that said, irregular, repeated noise is our solution to the deer problem.  Check out Mark's free, step by step instructions to build your own homemade deer deterrent that actually works!

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