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Electric peanut butter surprise

Minnesota DNR fence baits with peanut butter and zaps a deer where it counts

"Deer Proofing your Yard and Garden" is a book by Rhonda Massingham Hart that came out in 1997 and is chocked full of relevant research on understanding deer and their habits.

Deer Proofing your lawn and garden the easy wayI agree with her conclusion that deer are very adaptable, and an effective deterrent system should use multiple methods of making the deer feel unsafe. That's the main reason why my current deterrent design uses motion in conjunction with sound.

The picture above shows how to set up a simple electric fence barrier with a shocking peanut butter surprise. I think this would be a good backup to a mechanical deterrent for folks who don't have a dog, but our Lucy would most likely find it first and we want her to continue to patrol the perimeter.

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