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Obtaining special permission to kill a deer

special permit to kill deer out of season

It's been a good year for our garden and the deer damage has been minimal. We're pretty sure most of them in our area make a point to steer clear of the deterrents which keeps them away from our valuable vegetables, but we continued to have a night time nibbler that snuck in during a power outage and figured out the clanging deterrents are all bark and no bite.

Even though the damge was small, we both got a little spooked because we know how fast these animals can ruin a garden.

"Call up the Game Warden and get a special permit to kill that *#+%er!" is what Anna said after some research on the internet.
deer deterrent
We got a special permit to kill a deer out of season, but it only lasted 10 days. Anna spent about 20 hours hunting for a chance to shoot one without any luck. Hunting may be a fun way to pass the time, but it's not very productive unless you get lucky or have years of experience. We'll continue to use these mechanical deer deterrents because they work without as much time or money invested.

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