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Using human urine to deter deer

African-American Gardens and Yards in the Rural SouthI've been reading African-American Gardens and Yards in the Rural South --- more on the gardening aspects of the book next week on our homestead blog --- and was intrigued to find a section on deer deterring.  The author, Richard Westmacott, interviewed 47 gardeners in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, and discovered that deer were a big problem in most of their gardens.  The usual scare tactics were tried, most of which didn't work.  But the gardener who invented this unique method said that it did work:

Sadie Johnson (Alabama) used rags soaked in human urine to discourage the deer.  She said it is extremely effective.  "[The deer] they'll eat the peas but I got a problem for the deer, they can do nothing with me.  I put sticks out and saved the chamber lye over-night and I'd put them sticks around and pour that chamber lye on old rags and they didn't bother my crops.  I'd tack the rags to the sticks so the wind wouldn't blow them off and about every other day when I had the chamber lye, go 'round and pour it on them rags."

We've tried peeing around the garden with little luck, but I can see how Sadie's method makes the smell go much further.  If you live out in the country and are desperate, this method might be worth a shot!

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