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Weekend Homesteader
Although it's a bit off topic, I hope you'll forgive me plugging my newest ebook.  The May edition of Weekend Homesteader is now available for 99 cents in Amazon's Kindle store!  The series presents a simple and cheap project for every weekend of the year to provide stepping stones on your path to true self-sufficiency.  As the introduction says:

This ebook, and others in the series, are full of short projects that you can use to dip your toes into the vast ocean of homesteading without getting overwhelmed.  They're geared toward folks who need to fit homesteading into a few hours each weekend and would like to have fun while doing it.  The projects cover growing your own food, eating the bounty, preparing for emergency power outages, and achieving financial independence.  You won't be completely deleting your reliance on the grocery store after reading this series, but you will be plucking low-hanging (and delicious!) fruits out of your own garden by the time the exercises are complete.
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Sugar Hill: A Microcosm of Central Appalachian Ecology

My newest book spans 300 million years, with tales of chemical warfare and sex changes.  Due to its epic scope, I guess I should be pleased that it only took me fifteen years to research and eighteen months to write and polish.

Sugar Hill: A Microcosm of Central Appalachian Ecology is one part trail guide and two parts stories about our local ecology, flora, and fauna.  The book is now available for $7 in ebook format...or you can just read the whole thing for free on its website.  Even if you never plan to visit southwest Virginia, I suspect the book will explain at least one mystery relevant to your own ecosystem.  And there's even a section on deer overpopulation!

Posted late Thursday morning, March 25th, 2010 Tags: news

Two deer eating in the snowThank you for your patience as this site sat neglected for a few months.  Soon after setting it up, I realized that I hated the blogging software associated with it, but it took me awhile to get the time to reformat the site to ikiwiki (my new favorite!)

A lot has happened with our deer deterrents over the winter, which Mark and I will post about over the next few weeks.  For today, I'll just regale you with a brief anecdote.

In December, our power went out for two weeks, and our deer deterrents stopped running.  This was our first big test since our noise barrier began to repel the four-legged fiends from our garden over the summer.  By the middle of the first day, three deer were in the yard --- the first ones to set foot within the perimeter in months.  Luckily, most of the garden is asleep at the moment, and the deer seemed most interested in eating the green Japanese Honeysuckle leaves dangling from trees at the edge of our cleared space.  Still, I was very glad to get our electricity back and our deterrents back online!

Posted Tuesday evening, February 16th, 2010 Tags: news

Avian Aqua Miser: Automatic Chicken Waterer

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