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Night Guard deer deterrent product review

Night Guard deer deterrentWe got a gift about a year before we started making our own deer deterrents of these "Night Guard" units. It seems like a good idea. A small solar cell charges a battery during the day and at night a little red L.E.D. light flashes with the intention of mimicking the eye of a predator and thus scare away any deer intruders.

The instructions tell you to move them around every now and then so the deer don't get used to them and we did, but it only seemed to provide a brief pause for our deer. Within a week we were seeing additional signs of nibbling and hoof prints in the garden.

Night Guard deer deterrent solar panelThe website states "Night time predators see the flashing light and believe it to be of another organism and feel threatened, so they stay away". I think it looks more like a VCR when the clock needs to be set. Perhaps this technology can work for a smaller deer population, or maybe in a different situation, but I have to give its performance around here two thumbs down.

Maybe this idea could be refined to look more like the real thing? I would like to see an improved version someday, but for now I 'm going to stick with the home made deer deterrent plans available for free on this website.

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