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Night Guard deer deterrent review, part 2

Homemade stand for the Night Guard deer deterrentMark hit the nail right on the head with his review of the Night Guard deer deterrent.  But, in fairness, I do have to say a couple of things in the product's defense.

Night Guard has excellent customer service policies.  Of the four units that arrived in our gift order, one was not working properly.  I gave the company a call, and they sent out a new deterrent along with a self addressed, stamped envelope to mail my defective unit back.  The procedure was entirely painless and left me with a very good taste in my mouth.

Also, although the Night Guard product didn't seem to do diddly-squat in our garden, my father had different results.  He affixed Night Guards to four sides of the homemade stand shown here, moving it every day within his garden, and reported that it kept the deer away.  It's quite possible the deer were just repelled by his increased presence in the garden though.  The deer population in my father's area appears to be considerably lower than ours, and at those levels most of the mainstream deer deterrents work well.  Click here to see how your region stacks up on the deer population scale.

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